In Memory Of Her Majesty The Queen

Join us in Paying homage to the memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Yorkshire folk as a whole will have fond memories and emotions towards our dearly departed monarch. As we look back on some of the times Queen Elizabeth visited the verdant lands of the white rose, feel free to share your memories

Interesting places in the Yorkshire Dales

We all know and love the rolling hills of the Yorkshire dales. It is the perfect place to holiday and walk. Explore with us some of Yorkshire’s finest places in the dales that you should visit! Malham cove Malham cove is a large curved rock face. It was formed by a waterfall during the last

History: Arthington Priory

Arthington Priory was once a flourishing home to a community of nuns. Little if anything remains of the priory now, but its history within Yorkshire should be honoured. Foundation The Cluniac congregation received a grant from Peter De Arthington to found the prior. The Priory received a church in Maltby in South Yorkshire. The Archbishop

History: Castle Hill

Castle Hill is a scheduled monument overlooking Huddersfield. The hilltop currently features the Victoria tower. With the hill has being inhabited for at least 4 thousand years. Early History The Mesolithic hunter and gatherers were the first people to visit and temporarily settle on the hill. During the early iron age around 555 BC, a

History: Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall is a large country house once owned by the Gascoignes. Currently, it is a museum within the Leeds Museums and Galleries group and is open to the public with gardens and a bird garden. History and the Gascoignes Lotherton hall first came into the possession of the Gascoignes when it was purchased in
Seated in a Borough of its own name, Scarborough is a gorgeous north sea coast town. With stunning limestone cliffs and the older parts of town situated around the harbour. Scarborough is the largest holiday resort of the Yorkshire Coast, and we can see why. History: The town is fabled to have been founded in

History: Battle of Towton

The Battle of towton fought on 29th march 1461 was a turning point of the war of the roses and probably the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on english soil. It occurred in Towton in North Yorkshire and has startling archaeological significance. Setting The battle took place on a plateau between the towns of
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History: Leeds Town Hall

The Leeds town hall showcases Yorkshire’s ingenuity completely and has been used as a model for civic buildings across Britain and the British Empire, being one of the earliest and largest. It is a key part of Leeds’ heritage and serves several cultural functions. Hosting tours, concerts and performances. The Planning Until 1813 Leeds City