History: Armley Mill

the earliest records have the site named as Armley Millnes. Documents from 1707 described the buildings as fulling mills. One of the Mills contained two wheels and four fulling stocks. The other Mill was used to grind corn to create flour and had another two fulling stock machines. Fulling is a strange process where wool

History: Harewood House

The Harewood Estate owes its existence to the merger of Harewood Castle and GawThorpe Estate to form its current size, However not its current splendour. The land and estate was purchased from its previous owner by Henry Lascelles in 1738, after they became wealthy off of the purchasing of plantations in the west indies. In

History: Pickering Castle

Situated in the stunningly beautiful North Yorkshire moors national park. Pickering castle is a ruined testament to the long and storied history of Yorkshire. With its early development being pinned around 1070, under the command of William the Conqueror. After the Norman invasion and subsequent defeat of Harold and his Saxon army, the north rose
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Towns Of Yorkshire Deep dive: Shipley

The town of Shipley, seated around the great river Aire and the Leeds–Liverpool canal, is a lot more than might meet the eye at first glance. From its ancient origin and settlement, to becoming an important market town and being among one of Yorkshires best historic textile towns, with such a gorgeous natural backdrop of
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5 Lost Landmarks Of Yorkshire

They were once striking features of the Yorkshire landscape, which for one reason or another have been lost forever. 1. RAF Fylingdales (The golf balls) 1963-1992 Any trip to the North Yorkshire Moors was not complete without seeing the three giant golf balls on the road to Goathland and Whitby. They were part of RAF
What On Earth? The setting of the watch ceremony in Ripon involves a hornblower, who is appointed by the city’s mayor to blow a horn at every corner of the obelisk in the market square at 9pm every night. He or she must then declare to the mayor, “Mr Mayor, the watch is set.” This
On Monday 19th April, it was just another normal day in the village of Levisham near Pickering, when suddenly a black helicopter was spotted flying over fields nearby. Curious as to what it was doing here, a pair of dog walkers stopped to see who stepped out as it landed.. and they were in for