People of Yorkshire: Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson was a pioneering Yorkshire pilot who was the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia along with many more accolades and records under her belt. Read about her interesting life and strange death. Early Life Amy Johnson was born in 1903 in Kingston upon hull, to a family with a fishing

History: Forest of Knaresborough

The Forest of Knaresborough was a royal hunting forest covering 42 square miles to the south and west of Knaresborough between the river Nidd and the river Wharfe. It encompassed many towns and villages of the surrounding area. History The earliest surviving references to the Forest of Knaresborough is in 1167 meaning that the area

Trivia: Follies of Yorkshire

Follies are buildings made purely for decoration and whimsy, not practical use. Yorkshire has a few interesting follies you can visit and look at right now! Discover these hidden gems with us. Roundhay Castle The first is situated on the grounds of Roundhay Park is a folly built in 1811. It gives the appearance of

Towns of Yorkshire Deep Dive: Whitby

Whitby is a stunning Seaside port town and famous tourist destination in North Yorkshire. It is settled on the east coast of the river Esk with deep maritime, mineral and tourist heritage. Home to the famed Whitby Abbey where the earliest English poet lived and is also where captain cook learned seamanship. History The earliest

Towns of Yorkshire Deep Dive: Haworth

Haworth is a village surrounded by moorland and rolling hills, with cobbled streets and antique style stores and buildings. Haworth is a town that mirrors the past. With the train station frequently playing host to vintage steam trains passing and stopping. Featuring a 1940’s weekend where the whole village is decorated making it look like

Towns Of Yorkshire Deep Dive: Bridlington

A famous tourist destination with its varied amusements and crisp sea air. Bridlington is a coastal town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, nestled on the Holderness coast. With a population of around 35 thousand people, Bridlington is both the lobster capital of Europe and a summer tourism hub. Ancient History Bridlington has history that
Overview Settled on a gorgeous hill with the river Nidd below. Knaresborough is a quaint spa and market town with a population of around 15 and a half thousand people. With stunning stone architecture against a natural backdrop. Knaresborough is a jewel of the Harrogate borough. Its cobbled paths and stone staircases make this picturesque

Towns Of Yorkshire Deep Dive: Hull

Welcome to Hull Formally known as Kingston Upon Hull. Hull is a port city with a rich heritage showcasing Yorkshires might on the domestic and international stage. The port city lies upon the joining of the river Hull and the Humber estuary. With an estimated population of 259 thousand it is the fourth largest city
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