A once in a lifetime discovery, which could be the first of its kind in Europe, was found on wasteland in the Eastfield area of Scarborough. The site, which is to become a new housing estate, was firstly investigated by archaeologists, who found the remains of an ancient Roman Villa. The sheer size of the
“I’m gonna spend spend spend! Viv Nicholson was a famous pools winner, who famously declared to the press that she would “Spend Spend Spend” her fortune. The money however proved to be a curse and as her spending spiralled out of control, so did her life. Early Life She was born, Vivian Asprey on 3rd
Early Life Brian Blessed is a much-loved actor, whose unmistakable character and presence on both stage and screen have captivated audiences throughout the world. Born in the mining community of Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire on 9th October 1936, Blessed managed to avoid the inevitable path of working down the local pit through his acting talent which
What on Earth? The Penny Hedge or Horngarth ceremony is an annual custom in Whitby. A hedge made of woven hazel and willow is created on the East bank of the River Esk, at the North harbour in Whitby by two men at 9am on the morning of the eve of Ascension Day. This old

Interesting signs from Yorkshire!

Milestones Milestones have been used throughout the world since Roman Times to provide information about the distance between two places. These became especially popular during the Victorian Times when the horse and cart was a primary mode of transport. Although their use has since diminished due to faster motorised transport and the gradual modernisation of
Elizabeth Dawn was a popular Leeds actress, who was best known for her work across the Pennines on the cobbles of Coronation Street, where for many years she played Vera Duckworth in the popular soap opera. Early Life & Career She was born, Sylvia Butterfield on November 8th 1939 in Leeds and attended the City’s

5 New Developments in Yorkshire

Once things get ‘back to normal,’ hopefully by the end of this year, there are several developments proposed in Yorkshire which will give us all something to look forward to, once we can get ‘out and about.’ 1. Aire Park in Leeds Finally, a green space for Leeds City Centre! Post industrial land on the
Hidden amongst the raft of measures introduced during arguably one of the most important budgets of recent times, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced an exciting new development for Yorkshire, which could help shape both the region and nation’s future. The introduction of a new infrastructure bank, which will be based in Leeds, has been set up